7 Super Simple Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

The bathroom, of all the places in your home, is very habitable to bacteria and other microscopic organisms. These 7 simple cleaning hacks that will make your bathroom sparkle will tackle all that makes your bathroom look tidy. Also, you will learn what makes your bathroom free from germs.

1. Taking Care of the Sink
Various studies have revealed shuddering facts about the bathroom sink. There are more bacteria in the sink as compared to the toilet seat. Other studies have also shown that the same bacteria found in the bathroom sink somehow find their way into the kitchen sink. Such situations are worth avoiding at all cost.
The first step is to clean the sink with a disinfectant. A cleaning agent of your choice will do the trick. Additionally, clean the sink with baking soda. The lime is non-corrosive and at the same time acts like a solid cleaning agent. It dissolves all the stains and dirt in the sink leaving it gleaming with brightness.
Also, make sure to floss the faucet. The tap is known to harbor a good number of bacteria. The reason that cleaning exec cleaning services is being that you touch it before you clean your hands. Leaving the tap clean and disinfected reduces the spread of germs to other places, like the kitchen.

2. The Shower Head
The shower head harbors agents that cause pulmonary infection when concentrated enough. Even though water jets through the pores at extremely high speed, microorganisms grow there with time.
Make a solution of white vinegar and pour it into a plastic bag. Then, wrap the bag around the shower head making sure that you submerge the shower head in the vinegar. Leave the set up for six to eight hours. The most convenient way would be to leave it overnight.
In the morning, turn on the shower and crank the pressure to the highest point. Then, rinse the outer surfaces too. The next step would be the floor, the walls, and the ceiling.

3. Cleaning the Floor, the Walls, and the Ceiling
Apply a cleaning agent, especially a gel-like soap, on both the walls and the ceiling. Then, heat the water in the shower until the water is steamy hot. As you will see, the water that spouts from the shower head will be steam. The steam will spread across all the surfaces and mix with soap.
The soap and the steam will mix, and the result is a clean surface with no single film of dirt. The next step will be to scrap the surfaces with a rough cloth. Then rinse with clean water. Make sure to begin with the ceiling, and lastly the floor. For water not to soak the ceiling, apply car wax to it once a year. Thus, water will bead up and drop.


4. Cleaning the Toilet
While flushing the toilet, it is said that were you to watch what goes on in slow motion, it will look like fireworks. This is especially true when the pressure is high enough. It implies that germs are propelled all over the place through the air. Thus did the convention of flushing the toilet with the lid closed result.
Pour a mixture of baking soda into the toilet and scrap well after letting it sit for a few minutes. This will leave the toilet sparkling after rinsing. It is a good practice to use a disposable washing material to clean the surface and the seat. This practice ensures that you do not transfer bacteria from one point to another.

5. The Hand Towels
You should leave the hand towels to dry before you reuse them. Germs do not easily survive on dry surfaces, but they multiply a lot in a damp cloth. To avoid germs, you need to have a good number of hand towels next to the sink. There are liquid disinfectants that you can add to the detergents while soaking them to kill all the germs.

6. Dust the Ventilation Fan
The ventilation fan, with time, become a home to several layers of dust. You can deal with this by turning off the switch and then open the fan’s cover. Clean this cover with a detergent and leave it to dry before replacing it back into its place.

7. After Showering
There is a best practice in maintaining each section of your household. To make your bathroom gleaming all the time, and to stop the spread of such infectious germs like Mycobacterium avian, always dry all condensations from the bathroom surfaces you can reach. Also, always leave the windows open after taking a shower to create a harsh environment for the breeding of germs.

Wrapping up, these are not all that you can do to keep your bathroom looking new and healthy for years. Rather, the list above highlights all the important factors that will put music in your head whenever you are in the bathroom. Furthermore, these practices will keep you free from most bacterial infections.